How to surprise your partner in bedroom

How to surprise your partner in bedroom

1. Put his condom on with your mouth
Put his condom on with your mouth. It will take a little practice to perfect this technique, but it’s worth the effort and it will definitely surprise your partner in bed. Position the condom rolled edge facing you and slowly (slow being the key word) use your tongue and lips to roll the condom into position. Latex never tasted so good.

2. Strip Tease
Surprise him with a striptease and then masturbate in front of him. Select clothing that unfastens with only a few snaps or buttons so that you can smoothly unveil. It’s all about winding yourself up as well as him. And don’t forget heels, the higher the better. In the end, they should be your last article of clothing left on. Touch yourself in a way that makes you feel hot—it’s an erotic homerun as far as tantalizing goes.

3. Dirty Bird
Start discussing what you want to do in the bedroom over dinner. Words are powerful—in life and especially in bed. You intuitively know what he wants to hear, so instead of saying them, lean in close and whisper them into his ear. Nothing is sexier than a few naughty suggestions over dessert. Pro Tip: Serve oysters.

4. Sexperiment!
Do some homework and find a new position or location to try. Find a book, look it up, get inventive because the same old routine gets really dull. Make a rule to avoid missionary style for at least two weeks, and replace it with other more creative positions. Play around, experiment and see what works for both of you. Take turns taking pleasure. If you always make love in the bed, consider taking a shower together, or head for the back yard.

5. Just Eat It
Get some flavored lubes, or serve dessert on your body. Whipped cream on skin goes on surprisingly well, and it takes the art of licking to a whole other level. Flavored lubes work well, too, and they’re available at most every drugstore or online if you’re shy.

6. ( Tie Him )BDSM
He would love to tie you down and do nasty things to you. But why don’t you do it to him instead? Tie him down and give him a night to remember. But remember some don’t have the threshold for a pain. So make sure you know the limits before you get down and dirty with BDSM.

7. Heads up
Go down on him when he is sleeping and take him by surprise. Do it to him in the morning when your man usually has an erection. Wake him up by taking his manhood in your mouth and licking him at those sensitive spots. He is going to have the best morning of his life.

8. Boob job
No, we are not asking you to get silicone implants. When you can give him a hand job and blow job, then why not a boob job? Hold his manhood between your breasts and use your hands to hold it tight. Touch his tip with your nipples and see him go crazy. It's the visual that will be a bigger turn-on for the him than what he can feel.

9. Pantyless
Go out with your man sans your panties and let him have a peek-a-boo as you bend down to retrieve something. Let him see what he can have later (for dessert if you will). Take his hands under the table and let them wander near your sensitive spots.

10. One little ice cube
Blindfold your guy (er, you could just go with that and skip the rest, but anyway ...), make him lie down, and run an ice cube s-l-o-w-l-y all over him. Don't linger too long because ice burns. Or -- let him do the ice cube on you.