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How to spice up your sex life

How to spice up your sex life

1.Try new positions
The simplest and the most common way to spice your sex life is to start by learning some new sex positions.
There is no best position and each position is exotic in its own way, So you can try different positions and find the position which is exotic for you.
But, just because a position looks exotic or you need to be very flexible to perform it, it doesn't actually mean that it's more pleasurable. It can certainly be fun to try it out once or twice. You'll actually discover that there are lots of positions that are far more fun, pleasurable, and better at spicing up your sex life that are very simple to perform, whether it's the octopus position or the mastery position.

2.Find your partner's Fetishes
Every person has their own fetishes which turns them on strongly, which other people may not find exotic.For some guys it could be getting a passionate oral sex or having their partner talk dirty to them. It's completely natural and nothing to be ashamed about. Your partners fetish is something which your partner would had dreamed about, you could make your partners dream come true.

3.Quick Oral Tips
The last topic that I want to cover on how to spice up your sex life is oral sex. Men love getting blowjobs from their partner for a number of reasons. The main one is that it just feels fantastic!
Another strongly powerful reason that your man loves them is that most men like to be the "dominant" and "powerful" partner, while their girlfriend is the more submissive one. And giving your man a blowjob, especially while down on your knees is a very submissive act indeed.
One golden rule best oral sex is Wetter is better

4.Learn to Tease each other
This can turn out to be one of the best ways to steer up your relationship sexually. You need to start kissing and caressing her at least for some time and surprisingly your relationship will be ignited again.

5.Find time to get intimate with your partner
Nothing is sexier than sharing intimate moments with your partner. You can drink wine or even read a book with her every night. In addition to that, you can take your time and cuddle each other and you will get exciting time no matter the situation of your relationship.

6.Set your bedroom rule
We all know it hard to follow rules, creating bedrooms rules will spice up your relationship sexually. You can set rules like, you are not going to use the same position more than twice in a week and this will keep both of you from having boring sexual life.

7. Create a game as a challenge
You and your partner can choose to tie a bet along with a game. The bet can be that the looser gives in to all sexual favors that are asked by the partner.

8. Pretend you just met her
You need to start impressing her once again just like you did when you first met her. Buy her new presents and even join her in the shower and you will discover your sexiness.