How to impress a girl in bed

How to impress a girl in bed

1. Fool Around, Mix-up & Experiment with Foreplay
Most women like to be teased before actually committing to the act of sex. You can understand it as a kind of comprehensive foreplay which includes everything from kissing her slightly, giving her those typical lewd looks, passing comments about the size of her breasts or her shapely outline.

Anything that can physically or psychologically stimulate her is good enough. This form of foreplay extends even when initiating sex. The idea should be to prolong the foreplay before doing it, getting her excited to the maximum.

This includes something as simple as whispering your wildest fantasies in her ears, breathing heavily and licking the insides of her ears and cupping the insides of her thighs as you verbally detail your intentions of munching upon every part of her chocolaty body.

2. Listen to Her Body
An inherent part of being good in bed is to being able to decipher what she wants. If you cannot decode what is making her uncomfortable or what turns her on, impressing your girl in the bed could be a major challenge. For this, you need to become a lot more perceptive.

Being able to decipher the fine line between moans of pleasures or groaning with discomfort is vital. For instance, using the fingers to pleasure a girl is common. However, some women might not react encouragingly to this. Basically, you need to back down from what becomes more painful rather than pleasurable.

3. Keep Up the Kissing
In the throes of passion, it's tough to remember the simple things like, you know, your name. Another essential that often falls by the wayside: lip-locking. "Sometimes men get so consumed with what's going on below the belt that they stop kissing during sex," says Yvonne K. Fulbright, author of The Hot Guide to Safer Sex. "To make her feel like you're present and into her, you have to keep up that connection." While in the act, take a minute to resume making out. Not only will it help you to pace yourself (wink, wink), but she'll also be pleasantly surprised that you've added that sweet something extra.

4. Make Her Feel Desired like a Sexual Goddess
Many women get disappointed since men make sex dependent upon some fixed parameters. For instance, having your girl naked, within the confines of your locked room might be the rules that you have unintentionally established. However, you can seriously impress your girl in bed, if you are ready to think out of the box.

For example, ask her to cook wearing the tiniest of lingerie gowns. Make her do teeny-weeny bits of housework wearing something that hardly covers her. She should feel your gaze on her body. By the time you catch hold of her and head to the bedroom, she would be clawing the clothes off your body. This is a perfect example of how sexuality is primarily in our minds. If your girl is convinced that you just cannot get enough of her, she will never be disappointed in the bed.

5. Tease Her Shamelessly Before Bedding Her
Yes, some people regard teasing as an inherent part of foreplay. Some examples of the same have been listed above too. However, where stimulating foreplay ends, unashamed sexual teasing begins. There are many ways do this. Ideally, this should be done when you haven’t indicated to her about your intentions of having sex.

For instance, you guys are in the lift, headed to an office party and she is wearing a graceful saree or any dress that slightly exposes her mid-riff. Slither your hands all over her bare waist, clenching her flesh with your fingers. When at the party, distance yourself from her. Start texting her about the different men who are staring at her. Be very detailed in what part of her they are staring at and why. By the time you guys are headed back, she would be more eager than you to get it on in the bed. Here, you have guaranteed that you will impress her in bed by blatantly arousing her.

6. Let her get hers Make sure your girlfriend has an orgasm too. It's not just about what you want because when you're with a partner both need to have fun and be satisfied so don't just get off and then feel like you're done for the night. If she hasn't gotten off as well then your job isn't done.

7. Have a Postgame Plan
Sure, sex can be exhausting, so she sort of understands when you roll over and go right to...zzz. In fact, she probably expects it. So you can only imagine how shocked she'll be if you snuggle up against her after the fact and suggest taking a hot shower or sharing a bowl of ice cream. "She knows it's an effort for you, so it makes her feel appreciated," says Fulbright. "Plus, it's a treat that switches up your usual sex routine."

8. Look Clean & groomed well trimmed