6 Sex mistakes which every man does

6 Sex mistakes which every man does

Ignoring kissing
One of the common mistake that men do while having sex is that they don't kiss their girl! It is one of the biggest mistake and should be avoided. May be your position doesn't allows you to kiss her or whateva it could be just don't ignore this.

Don't bite your girl before she's ready
While plenty of women enjoy an aggressive man, biting any part of her body before she's fully aroused may lead to pain and discomfort. Make sure she's fully excited before you bite her nipples, shoulders, neck, or any other part of her body.

Focussing only on her sexualized parts
Her sexual parts like breasts, vagina are undoubtly to be focused on, but you should not forget her other body parts. Make her love her body by licking behind her knees, kissing her wrists, rubbing her back, caressing her stomach; focus on her entire body. It'll turn her on more and, in turn, increase the chances of her pleasuring you back.

Don't put your weight on her
Yes it is possible you could flow in the moment and fail to releazie that you are putting your weight on her. It could her discomfort her and make her to feel the act painful. Whenever, when you're lying on top of her, you have to be careful not to drop your weight on her, in essence hindering her ability to breathe properly — which is never a good thing during sex.

Never judge a woman's arousal by how wet she is!
The natural lubrication a woman's body produce varies depending on where she is in her cycles, not just on how turned on we are. A lot of men take it really personally if their partners need lube, and see it as a small sign of failure. But remember lube is your best friend when it comes to sex. Keep some in your nightstand—right next to your birth control, if you want—so you're always ready for action.

You fail to keep the rhythm
"Just as women start climbing the climax ladder, men change techniques and women slide right to the bottom again," says Tracey Cox, sex and relationships expert. Most women need consistent, repetitive stimulation to orgasm. So next time be consistent with your motion.