10 sex advice which every man should know

10 sex advice which every man should know

1. Enjoy giving her Oral Sex
She at times may say she doesn't wants you to eat her, due to your hesitation or flinch when going down on her.
But even if not very much enjoy eating her, it’s the best way for most women to reach orgasm, so you’ll have to learn to enjoy it.
Remember when she is enjoying things, she will definitely give you more things to enjoy!!

2. Assume the right position
You can try different positions to explore the position which will be best for you. But to get the best experience, you can simply slide a pillow under her bottom while you enter her, by doing this you bring her clitoris and g-spot into better contact with you.

3. Say her how great she looks.
Women's feel sensitive and vulnerable when they are naked, hence are not very comfortable. When she undresses, tell her what you love about her body. And if she tries to turn the lights off, turn them back on to show her she has nothing to be embarrassed about.

4. Don’t ignore her boobs.
Don’t just jackhammer her vagina with your fingers and assume that’s going to get her going. Womens normally have lot of sensitive areas and their sensitivity varies from girl to girl. You must try pressing her boobs, lick her nipples and softly move your hand with your finger tips all over her body to find out the sensitive areas that works for her.

5. Don't force her for blowjob
Remember saying "no" to a blowjob does not make her a bitch. There could be many reasons she might not be in the mood. Please understand that you are not supposed to put your penis in her whenever you feel like it.

6. Foreplay is must!
Every women in this world likes to be seduced. "Seduction is as important as, or oe even more important than, technique”.
Foreplay helps you to understand what kind of turn-on your partner likes, it could be oral, visual, or mental, you just have to explore this with your foreplay skills. It could be your dirty talks over phone, which turns your girl on or just your simple sexy text message. Try to flirt with her at a pub or a bar.

7. Use Protection
You can complain that it does feel better without a condom, but this are all simple excuses which can cause great complexities.

8. Feel free to talk dirty to a girl
There are many girls who like their boy talking dirty to them, but always know where to draw the line and you should not say something which could insult a girl.
You can tell a girl how you fantasy her and what you have play with her in your fantasy. You can also say her what you are going to do her tonight, but don't go ahead and call her a slut!

9. When in doubt: don’t ask us to have anal sex with you
Most women have fear in their mind about the pain which anal sex can cause, so they get irritated even at they thought of having anal with their boy. So it is advisable to not try anal with a girl unless you are her boyfriend and have previously discussed this possibility with her. Also make sure you have the lube with you.

10. Slow and Steady wins the race
We’ve all heard the story of the tortoise and the hare. Well, if you learned anything from that story I hope it is that no girl wants to be fucked like a rabbit (“jack hammering”). I’m not insisting that we turn this into an hour-long arrangement…… but wtf are you rushing for it is 2am and neither of you has anywhere to be?