First Love - English Version

It's deticated to all people who lost their love but still have the strenght to continue looking for a new one.

Romantic story with sad ending

A love story of a couple that strikes a chord with beating hearts and stitches together a resonating melody of love! 'Love Happens-once in a life' is a journey around such a story!

Love Language

There are moments in life when we feel a connection so deep words can hardly describe it. But how do we know that it's real? This is the story of a boy who meets a girl and falls in love

Cute Love Story

Originally, this was gonna have a sad ending but a friend of mine told me to make it happy =D

Heart Touching Sad Love Story That Will Make You Cry

Sad and heart touching love story that will make you cry about love. This is one of the best sad story that will make you cry about love. In this story, you will see the love of a boyfriend for his girlfriend whom he truly loved.