5 ways which can make your navratri celebration special

navratri celebration

Navratri is one of the highlight festivals of Hindus. People throughout India, celebrate Navratri in different ways. Idol of Goddess Durga are worshipped and the festival is celebrated with much reverence and devotion for ten days. Many Hindus believe in worshipping the nine forms of the Goddess.

Navratri is an ideal festival for celebrating with your partner. The only disadvantage couples face is that they do not get any leave during these nine days. Entire celebration has to be done post the office hours. Despite this, partners can fully enjoy Navratri in the following ways-

1) Navratri can be celebrated with dhols and colorful attire. You can your partner can dress up for such a celebration in your colony. At many places, a full-fledged party is organized. Variety of Bollywood and devotional songs are played. Couples can tap their feet on the music beats. If Navratri is an even more celebrated event in your city, you may even get to play dandiya in one such party.

2) In Dravidian states, you will see that on each day of Navratri, a special Pooja is held on each day for one form of Goddess Durga. For example- the first day pooja is devoted to Shailputri, second day pooja is devoted to Brahmacharni and so on. You and your partner can attend the poojas on each of these nine days. Poojas bring calm to restless minds and souls. It soothes your nerves. When done with pure reverence and utmost devotion, God will bless you and your partner with life-long happiness. At the end of the pooja, ladies are given bangles, vermilion, ear rings, bindis etc. All these things are symbolic of their marital status.

3) Another preferred way to celebrate Navratri with your partner is by making Batukammas. Batukammas are beautiful stacks of seven different flowers. Usually, it is done by women but these days, husbands also help their wives in such a set-up. In the evening, these Baukammas are set afloat on water after rounds of rendition and folk dance. Male counterparts celebrate Navratri by gifting their lady-love, ornaments and sarees of their choice.

4) Navratri can be merrily celebrated on a busy day as well. Both the partners can observe a fast and perform their daily chores. In such a celebration, evenings have to be special. After a small pooja, partners can go out for special dinner in restaurants. Many restaurants have understood the importance of the festival. They are even well-aware of the busy schedules of the generation. So they offer special satvik food to such people who wish to break their fast in the usual traditional manner.

5) Celebrating with family is another great option. Women can make figurines of the Goddess. Dandiya Raas can also be conducted for the family members. Dandiya is an amazing way to bring two partners closer to each other. This Gujarati dance has been the starting point of many hit love stories.