Learn to make your relationship healthy

healthy relationship

It might take you a while to understand your partner but know that it does take a lot of effort to make your relationship a perfect one. Fights, conflicts, arguments, reservations; every couple is supposed to go through all of these. But to overcome these phases without losing the trust, love and intimacy is what makes one stand out. Here are a few simple considerations you might like to look into and take notice of in order to evaluate where you stand in your love boat and how can you improve yours

  1. Please remember that your partner is a human being first and your love/partner later. He/she has a family, a social circle, a personal sphere and a separate professional world. Understand it. Do not be over demanding. Give him/her a justified space to breathe in. This is the only way to make your bonding a lasting one and healthy.
  2. Both of you must communicate your needs, reservations, wants, desires and everything that is ever wished for. If you won’t do so bottling up is of no use, it will further fill you with doubts and hence you will destroy the love life that has gotten you in bits.
  3. Both of you must attend each other’s needs with care and compassion. You must fulfill each other’s sexual and romantic desires in a way that will strengthen your bonding.
  4. You fight but resolve them as soon as the temper goes away. This is the real sign of a healthy relationship. Nothing is kept in hearts, no grudges, and no complaints; sweet and mellow just like that. Mind it!
  5. Find joy and balance. Decide with mutual consideration and let each other an equal opportunity to speak the heart out. Don’t boss around, don’t over dominate in your relationship!
  6. Say the magical words, “Thank you!” “Sorry” “I love you”. Believe it or not but these have healing powers. It won’t make you any less to be the first one saying these but it will surely show the amount of love that you hold for your significant other.
  7. The feeling of happiness, being contended and the mellow state where you just consider the arms of your partner your safe place is the sign of a healthy relationship!
  8. Don’t have the nagging feeling of being judged, you partner accepts you the way you are with all the flaws and perfections; breathe in and out! This is what healthy relationship is all about!
  9. Make it work. Don’t give up just after a few pebbles thrown at you.
  10. Face all that life has to throw at you with a lion heart.

You know you can’t be any happier than how much you already are because your love is with you, this is the point you must realize you have got your person perfect. Keep loving and stay together!

Have a healthy relationship!