Unsure of your Relationship type?


Whatever we learn in life is because of failure be it life or relationship. To help people avoid this failure in relationship and find their perfect partner, our experts have analyzed different relationship and have bifurcated relationship broadly into three types. We are sure this will help you find the type of relationship between you and your partner.



In this type of relationship both partners feel attracted to each other only till they are together but once they are separated, they feel distant and do not feel the same.
Just like magnets, if you bring them closer they will get attached and as you separate them away, they won’t connect anyway till they are brought back together.
It may sound insane but you will be surprised to know many people go through this phase, and they somehow are sad because of this. But they will not accept it because they know that they are wrong. Well, it is still wrong. But it is okay to them as long as they have at least a person to talk to.



This relationship type is our favourite,
In this type when people get in relationship, they feel attached and think that they are each other’s 'soulmate', but due to commitment issue's when they get separated, it hurts like bruise and leaves a scare behind. It hurts the most when you find out your so called 'soulmate' was fake, it seriously hurts.
Then all stupidity starts, when you cry, send messages to her/him, tell how much they meant for them, drink, smoke and at the end you conclude that everyone is same and no one is worth for your love in this world. But don't be hurt life has more in store for you!

Two Rivers


The last one is when the actual meaning of Relationship is defined, a relationship which is not understood, which can only be felt,
When two Rivers meet at any point, they loose their identity in each other, they do not want to get separated and do not want their identity to come out, they just want to be lost in each other and forget everything. That is when the world stops for them and they don’t worry about what the outcome of their relationship will be or where it will lead them. The beauty of it that they don’t have to go anywhere, because the point where their life is heading is found in each other.
It is the next best thing in life, this is love for us, nothing else is true. In this type of relationship people try to cherish every moment, which is the best thing one can ever do.

Finding a good loving relationship is not rare, it is just about the right people in right time, life gives us many opportunity and it is upon us that if we are capable of grabbing it or not. Patience is the key to all.
Best of luck in finding your kind of relationship.

Author : Kaushal Hingu

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