Lust or Love: always confusion

Love or Lust

How many of you often find yourself in a confusion whether it is love or just an attachment, the lust, towards that heart-throb in your university, workplace or college? I know, almost all of us face this problem where we can’t decide what to name the strong feelings in our heart giving us butterflies in the tummy. Here are some of the most important tips to consider before jumping to a final conclusion whether it lust or love that is making your nights sleepless and your days full of dreams.

While in lust:

Looks matters more, believe me they do! While being carried away by lust, all you focus on is how he looks? They way he talks, the way he dresses up, the way he speaks and so on, so yeah! You are more attracted to the apparent appeal.
You are lost in fantasies relating to your relationship and there is no real talk. Yes, you read it right. There is no ground reality, no mature approach but just a bunch of fantasies that are built upon your day dreams.
You are more interested in having sex than creating a strong relationship. The need and desire for a physical relationship is more when you are not in real love. All you wish for is to have sex and bam! That is about it.
You might like him or he might like you but there is no real friendship in between you two and it is a fact.
The physical desire is for a time being and you don’t intend on having a long term relationship.
The worldly status matters more and you are inclined towards your partner’s bank balance or apparent fame rather than exactly knowing him/her at a closer level.

While in love:

True love is hard to find. Not everyone proves to be fortunate enough to have it so if you are that one lucky person among the many players or the forever alone ones, make sure you hold on to your significant other tightly.
You are always interested in knowing your partner at a closer, more personal level than just being attracted to the surface appeal. True love makes you curious and that is where your interest in your better half increases.
Real conversations, meaningful moments and worthwhile feelings; these are the components that make up your hangouts. Goodness me!
You focus more on making lasting memories that fill your archives with blessings.
You are always more interested in your partner after every meeting and the love keeps on increasing.
The worldly and materialistic aspects do not matter to you one bit; be it the bank balance, the attire, the car or the watch on wrist.
You are always practical and have a realistic approach rather than day-dreaming.

You care, you share and you keep on doing it times and again.

So, this is how you can know the next time you think you are falling for someone, whether it is love or lust or just a wind of some appeal.