22 things to learn before turning 22

Aging is fascinating. Some finds it boring to be old but one thing is for a fact, the wit that comes along with more experience is always worth the aging pace. Early 20’s tend to be confusing. Some finds this age range as one of the most delicate ones because you are young and not too familiar to the responsibilities that await you. Others think the early 20’s are the golden years since you do not care much about the worldly stuff. Whatever the belief is, here are few points you must know and understand before touching the sweet 22 figure!

  1. Let go toxic friends. There are going to be some people who are always way too busy for you. Get the hint. Let go of such strings. Do not allow any negativity and toxic mindset around you. You got this one life; you deserve to live it in happy vibes and positive surroundings.
  2. Learn to say no and thank you more often. Anyone who has helped you at any phase of life whether that was in the hospital or a random act of kindness at a bus stop deserves your gratitude. Step ahead and show it to you. You must not agree to everything that others say. Learn to say a no without being guilty about it.
  3. Your family matters. Get this in your thick skull and don’t forget it. Before your boyfriend and your friends comes your family. Your family is your only real support system. No one but family, everything else comes secondary to it.
  4. A boy will come into your life, show you fairytales and fantasies, give you butterflies, you might think he is the ONE but you would be super wrong. He will break your heart and leave you sulking. It is okay! No regrets. You grow and learn this way but don’t throw around your kisses just like that, you butt.
  5. It is okay to get low grades in a subject, the world doesn’t end at your GPA and that you can be successful even if you got low grades in a certain semester.
  6. Hydrate, please drink a lot of water and feed your body the right stuff and not crap.
  7. It is okay to eat cold pizza for dinner or to be late for a certain class once in a while or to not shower for days.
  8. Your career is important. Please don’t waste your time in your undergrad school. Make the best of it and learn. Know that the only purpose of school is getting through it. It is not getting a boyfriend or writing a book. It is to keep the sanity and getting through it. Everything comes later.
  9. Don’t believe in everything x,y,z says about some a,b,c. Look for yourself and then make assumptions!
  10. Be cheerful and smile often. The frown on your forehead is only making you ugly.
  11. Have your priorities aligned. Don’t be the person who runs crazily across the library half an hour before the paper is due.
  12. Do not leave anything half way done, complete it; assignments, love relations, everything.
  13. Don’t forget your purpose.
  14. Happiness is a matter of choice. The sooner you accept it, the better.
  15. Read more; know that books are your best friends. Save money, even if it is a little amount, try to save some.
  16. Push yourself out of the comfort zone. Do things for people without expecting a favor in return.
  17. It is okay to spend time alone sometimes. You do not have to be lonely to do so.
  18. Remind people of their value more often. It will help in your own healing and growth.
  19. Somewhere, somehow, no matter how majorly screwed it is; it works out. Stop stressing over and peeling off your skin worrying like a burdened chicken.
  20. Set goals, have dreams and create the will and ambition to chase them all.
  21. Sometimes the only way out is letting go.
  22. Get your shit together. No, really! Do so.