Radhika and her complicated teenage love

teenage love story

Hello everyone,this is Radhika,sweet sixteen,crazy,friends call me mad cause am always happy and jumping everytime for nothing,am always in a chilled mood,I have no tension in life accept one which am going to write here……the tension and the biggest problem in my life is my LOVE!!!!!

Now the story of my love starts from Oct 2011,I came in contact with a guy ….he was cute,handsome(saw his pictures on Facebook),one year older to me,we started flirting wid each other,as usual I was not at all serious,we exchanged our number.Oh I forgot to tell his name,Antzy,super cool guy,we texted each other all day,chatted late night over phone!I stared liking him personally,he was very helpful also.After someday he proposed me,my heart started pumping faster as I wanted him to propose me,I accepted it instantly!Just danced the whole day!

He lived near my school so,it was easier for us to meet,we met nearly on the last week of Jan.When I first saw him,I was so surprised,he was so cute,I started having butterflies in my stomach,but that day I had to hurry for my tuition so I rushed for my tuition couldn’t talk to him much.
The next day we met again and he surprised me with a kiss!It was my first kiss ever,and the first kiss made me realise that am incessantly,unconditionally in love with this guy!Awww my God…..I really love him,am in love,I was super excited!Yipppieee!

Now problems…..gosh sucking me off

Somehow I got to know that he is with other chicks other than me,I just got mad just couldn’t stop but cry out loud,it was the first time I cried for a guy!
But I did not wanted to lose him,I didn’t breakup,but after someday he himself broke up with me,my heart broke apart,I just wanted him back by hook or by crook.
I tried my best to convince him to stay with me but it was useless,meanwhile his elder brother Dibs proposed me but I couldn’t accept it,as he was my x boyfriend’s brother.

After some day on 3rd March he called me up and wanted to patch up,I couldn’t reject but accept him again,I trusted him a lot…….then again we started meeting!We came closer and closer!I lost my virginity with him.
Then again I got to know that he’s cheating on me,this time I acted brave and ditched him!But I love him so much,couldn’t stop but cry out loud.
Thats the end of our relationship,but we r still in contact with each other,I love him so much,I wish to be with him again…..I love u darling,come back to me!!