How Sanjay proposed to his first valentine

first valentine

Friends this is story of a guy named Sanjay and his special way of proposal to his girlfriend.
Sanjay had fallen in love with a girl and he had decided to propose her this valentine. From hereon i will narrate the story on behalf of sanjay.


Somehow, I fell in love with her and I believe this coming valentines day is the best occasion to let her know my unconditional love for her(and to convert my one way love into a bidirectional love ). But i had no idea, how should i propose my girl and make her my valentine. Last two days, I was in search for ways to propose her.

Like every common guy I tried finding different ways of proposing from Google. Being Google it listed many websites which could tell me how should i propose her. Going through them all, I understood that my way of proposal should be sweet as honey and fresh as flower. Finally, I decided my plan for February 14.

My crush works in a company as a document controller(of course, her office is near to my office). Every working day, she, with her two friends, used to go the coffee cafe nearby at 4 O' clock to sip a cup of coffee. This is the place where she saw me for the first time (and I saw her first time from a bus stand where I was waiting for bus)

We at times used to exchange normal hello's, but nothing more than that. She knew i was to have glances at her and used to notice her every time she walked in cafe.

So i planned and you guessed right, Yes! the cafe was the trump card of my plannings. February 14 being a working day, I was pretty sure she will come to office and like her normal routine she will come to cafe at 4 O' clock with her two friends. As the cafe manager is a close friend of mine, I was easily able to set up my plans.

As decied by my plans, everything worked in my favour. February fourteen, was on weekend.
As usual, she came to the cafe with her two best friends at 4 O' clock. She is more happier today with a weekend mood. Surprisingly, the serious security man standing outside of the restaurant smiled and gave her a red coloured rose flower and said 'He asked me to give this flower to you'. Her heart started to pound with curiosity and excitement and she asked the security guy 'Who?'. He says 'I don't know his name' and he went back to his duty.

She entered the restaurant and as usual the lady at the front desk wishes her good evening and gave her the rose flower. The lady also said that someone has asked her to give the rose flower. The excitement goes to the next level. The two best friends with my crush fuel the excitement in her. Slowly, she entered the restaurant hall and sees only one table is left in the middle.

The waiter came to her to receive the order and gave her another rose flower. This time she did't asked who had sent the flower for her. Following the waiter, each person from each table came to her and gave her rose flowers. Now her table was full of rose flowers and as the rose flowers her cheeks had become more reddish. She and her friends were looking around and waiting for the appearance of the man behind this all excitement.

Yes, now breaking the suspense, I came to the restaurant carrying a bouquet of red rose flowers (obviously like a hero in the movies). She and her friends saw me and the excitement went up to the maximum level. All other visitors in the cafe on all table stand up and I walk straight towards her (in slow motion). I gave her the bouquet and said those three magical words. She accepted the bouquet, keeping her trademark smile, she said YES, I LOVE YOU TOO.

That's it. This was my planned way to propose my crush on valentines day.