How Sagar proposed to his valentine

Valentine Proposal

14 FEB :

My Mobile beeped while I was in a deep repose. I somehow managed to read the message in a sleepy condition. It was Riya messaging ‘Where are you? I have been waiting for you since hours to chat.’ It was Valentine Day and I was very lucky to have my valentine on that particular day. Chatting was the only mode through which we used to get connected daily. She was waiting for me since hours on the chat, while I was busy sleeping. I knew she would now pepper on me. I somehow gathered some courage to reply to her message.

‘Baby, I apologise for my mistake, but since I was tired I needed some rest. I hope you can understand’ I replied to her message. Her anger was valid according to the circumstances.
‘Its okay, but I have been missing you alot’ my mobile flashed her message as it widened my lips a bit. It was a Valentine day and I wanted to meet her.
I hurriedly replied, ‘ Even I missed you, lets meet now at 6pm.’ She first hesitated for the meeting, but then I managed to convince her.

A garden near to our sector was the most prominent place where we used to meet. I wrote some romantic letters and poems so that I can atleast present to her something on that particular day. I wore that red shirt and trouser which was
Riya’s favourite as she once mentioned it to me. After I became ready I left my house for the garden. On my way I grabbed a red rose so as to gift her something along with those letters. A rose wasnt something expensive that I would have gifted her. But then love does’nt need something expensive. It just needs two loyal hearts.

Soon I reached the garden, it was 5:55pm, 5 mins prior to 6. I stood at the entrance of the garden so as to receive her when she arrives. At 5:58 I sensed a girl in an yellow outfit slowly moving towards my direction. She was Riya. She was wearing the same yellow dress which once I told her that she looks stunning in that dress. It was my favourite dress for her. I could not withdraw my eyes from her. She was looking gorgeous.

While I was busy staring her, I did’nt noticed that she is almost standing infront of me. She shook me a bit screaming my name and I came into my senses. For a while I thought I was dreaming, but she was still looking gorgeous. Her beauty was piercing into my heart. Words were’nt enough for me to describe her on that day. Her eyes was the most beautiful thing that I had ever seen in this world. Black lining below her eyes and a bit of Kajal over it adorned her beauty a bit more. Her eyes were enough for me to fall for her again and again.

A bit nervous infront of her, I took some effort to start a conversation with her. We entered in the garden and sat on the trench where we used to sit often whenever we used to meet.

‘So how am I looking?’, she asked me.
‘Hmm Okay! Not bad.’ I ignoringly replied her. I knew she would not be satisfied with my answer and I can sense that clearly from the expression of her face. I deserved that snorty look from her.

‘Well, you know what, even if I blunderingly fall for some other girl in future, she would be our daughter. You don’t need to ask me how you look, just because even if you would have come without getting dolled up I would have still termed you as beautiful. You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life.’

These words of mine enthralled her. I can clearly see that blush and shyness on her face. Her charm amused me.

I steadily removed the rose that I bought for her. I hold it into my fingers and without uttering a single word I bent down on my knees and began to sing

” Tu hi toh jannat meri, tu hi mera junoon.
Tu hi toh mannat meri, tu hi ruh ka sukoon.
Tu hi ankhiyon ki thandak, tu hi dil ki hai dastak aur kuch na
jaanu main bas itna hi jaanu.
Tujhmein Rab Dikhta hai yaara main kya kru. Sajde sar jhukta
hai yaara main kya karu.”

It was the same song that I once dedicated to her when she had asked me to dedicate her a song. There was a sparkle in her eyes with a wide smile on her lips making me go a bit more crazy for her. She accepted my rose and then I placed those greeting cards before her. She picked up the card and unfolded it and she read,

” You are beautiful but not like those girls in the magazines. You are beautiful for the way you think. You are beautiful for that sparkle in your eyes when you talk about something you love. You are beautiful for your ability to make other people smile even if you are sad. No you are not beautiful for something as temporary as your looks. You are beautiful deep down to your soul. I LOVE YOU MY JAAN”

The glee on her face was worth watching. She tilted the card and on the other side of it she wrote something and passed it to me. I unfolded it, ‘I LOVE YOU TOO JAAN’ it read. I was glad she atleast made some effort to make me smile. 14th Feb 2014, the best day of my life, probably the most memorable one. She was with me, I was with her sharing our joys and sorrows and working on all our needs. But then someone has perfectly said, situation changes according to time and you lose your everything within a fraction of seconds.

Current year 14th FEB :

It has been a year since the last valentine and almost everything changed since then. Riya left the city, misconceptions, breakup, almost everything changed except the fact that I still love her. She is not with me this valentine, but some unforgettable memories that will soothe my soul arejust enough to get a glance of her, if not in reality, atleast in my dreams!