How Pankaj met her at cousin's marriage

cousin marriage

Hi friends!! My name is Pankaj i leave in mumbai, India. Today i will tell you all the story how i met a girl in my friends wedding and my love story began.
In India it is quite common to meet lot of good girls in wedding and than mostly a new story dwells. Being an Indian wedding feel in the atmosphere, there is quite a romance in the air and lot of relatives and friends gather for the occassion.
I was going to attend one of my college friend's wedding. He was very close to me during college days, but after college our life took us on different routes and he was in different city from mine.

There was huge palace booked for th wedding , so i went there and had a separate room arranged for myself. When i was geting comfortable in the room, someone knocked at the door. I was surprised and went to open the door. When i opened the door i saw one of the most gorgegous face of my life. She was saying something relating to her lugage and no place for accomodation, but i did not hear anything and was just mesmerised in her looks and body curves and juicy lips. She said can she keep her lugage in my room and i was more than happy for that.

After keeping the lugage she went to attend the ceremonies. I made myself ready and went down, when i went down she was with some girls enjoying. I went near her and was puposefully passing to and fro near her to get an opportunity to talk to her. She noticed me and waived 'Hiee' I went there and started the conversation, duing conversation i came to knew that she was from my hometown only and her name was Neha. She also said that it was bride's mother who had told her to keep her lugage in my room. From her conversation it was clear she was jovial and not had that typical girly atitude, but she was looking stunning and sexy in saree and her body shape was looking appealing. I was totally fallen for this girl.

And the wedding atmosphere, music and booze were adding fuel to my feelings. Suddenly, I and Neha were dancing together. She was in my arms and somehow, in the dim light of the hotel ballroom, we got a bit more close and i was finding reasons to touch her . After dance we had a drink together and had a chat about our personal life.

I went to sleep in my room but i was unable to sleep and was thinking about Neha only. I was really finding difficult to sleep, so to relax a bit i went to terrace but only to find that she was already there on the terrace. I went to her and offered her some water and we started to talk about the ceremony.. i told her "I Like You and i am so thankfull i came to this wedding otherwise would not have meet a beutiful and sweet girl like you". She just smiled at this. The next day i got up late may be because of the tiredness and the little booze. When i get off the bed i noticed that Neha's lugage was missing and there was a note near the bed. It was left by Neha, She had written "I have got a urgent call from office, so i will leaving by the time you will be reading this note, but i enjoyed the time spent with you...please get in touch with my contact number."

When i reached mumbai i texted her and we exchanged messages and met after some days. After some dates i proposed her and yes yur are right She said yes. That was the most happiest moment in my life.
We are together 'chipake' with one another from the past two years, and have enjoyed a lot in each other's company. We still think what would have happened if we would have not went to our friend's wedding. So guys enjoy and stay cool because love will find where ever it wants to find you in the most unexpected ways.