How a college assignment brought them closer

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Hi Guys!! I had completed my junior education and to complete my higher education i wanted to go for some foreign university like most of indian students.
Being a good student i did not had much of difficulty in getting admission in one of the good universities in Australia.
My new life is going to start. The new era has to began. The university is waiting for me, the fun, the enjoyment and everything.

Finally the day came and i left to Australia for studies , I got a scholarship. It was so excited and a bit worried becuase i had to live in all together different country without any friends or relatives whm i knew. But still while leaving from India i had decided in my mind that I will do a lot of fun in my new university, will do parties but all this not at the expense of education.

When i reached Australia on the airport I saw a girl wearing a tight jeans and a white top on it. She looked pretty and was looking cute. I was checking her out and was impressed by her looks. She was really hot and beautiful. She called for a taxi and went ahead, I was left disappointed.

Overcoming my disappointment, i also took a cab and reached the university got my admission information. But like already said i did not knew anyone and did not much idea about their culture, nor i was very aware of the city. I spent one night sleeping in the university campus, but i was really worried for the next day.

Thinking all this I was standing on the main gate of university, suddenly i heard a gentle voice behind me, “Are you new comer , when I turned my around I was shocked to see a girl standing in front of me. She was the same girl whom i was impressed with on airport . I was not able to believe it . It was just amazing .
After getting myself back to normal I said “yes I’m”.

My name is Jenifore she said.
Oh I’m Andrew.You’r new too.
Yes I’m she said. Well we don’t know anyone each other, but i saw you sleeping in the university campus, so if you have no problem can stay with me in my aprtment, but you will have to share rent with me. So it will help us both. What do you think?

In mind i was totally bold by her words, i could not digest what i was hearing. There was no chance by which i would had refused such an offer. So i acting normal thanked her and agreed to her offer. So we called taxi and we headed for her apartment.
In the taxi I was just looking at her beautiful face whereas she was continously talking about the apartment, ammenities in the apartment and how she was able to find that apartment.
We reached her apartment, it was well furnished with two rooms. I went to my room and took shower and got my-self relaxed and started setting things in my room.
Days started to pass i was not getting chances to get close to her. Than begin the time when we had to submitted assigments in college. There were a lot of assisgnments to be submitted almost 3-4 assisgnments each day.

Jenifore was not able to handle this pressure and was getting a bit disturbed, i noticed this and offered to help. She was more than happy for this. I being good in studies was pretty good with such works. Soon we started to freely roam in each others rooms and at times used to sleep on the same bed while working late night for assignments. She started falling for me. I could feel from her behaviour, she used to discuss all her close things with me and used to find occasions to bruise her body eith mine.

Suddenly one day she came to my room standing on the entrance of my door wearing a black sexy bikini . She wass looking so horny,sexy and beautiful. I have no words to define moment. I asked her what happened. She didn’t answer anything and came to my bed slowly and started taking deep breaths.

My heart rate and my pulse rate started to increase. She said I want to show you something exciting . She drop her top on the floor and moved forward towards my face and said “look here the tattoos”, there is a butterfly tattoo on her chest ,with a black ink. How beautiful it was and the mostly beautiful thing is that its on the chest of worlds beautiful lady with which I’m now,I said to her.

“I love u ” she said , and we started kissing each other , I sad her 'I loved you from the moment i first saw you' . And that night the love reached new heights we did had sex that night.

After our education was completed in the university, we both had decided to stay together. And we will live our whole life loving each other.
Today i am happily married to Jenifore and i am still thankfull to those college assignments which bought us really close.