Heart Broken girl finds true love

Heart Broken girl finds true love

Here is mine and my boyfriends love story hope you enjoy. This is just a little something to prove to girls out there that there is someone special out there for everyone.

I have never exactly had an easy life, and on top of that I have had a lot of bad unhealthy relationships. I got treated really bad and got used so many times. I had finally given up on finding the right guy. I honestly really saw no point in being around anymore. But then on August 17th one of my good friends had texted me and said she found some guys for us to hang out with at first I ignored the text and just assumed I would just get myself screwed over again. But after a while I thought about it and something really made me want to give it a try and just hang with the guys she knew and just have a good time. So the next morning I got ready and headed over to where she was waiting with the guys. As I was driving there I kept telling myself that I wasn’t going to get attached to any of the guys and my guard was going to stay all the way up. So I met up with my friend when I got there and we were walking to where the guys were waiting for us. All of a sudden I see 3 guys riding their bikes across the sidewalk. Then it happened one of them looked over and made eye contact with me. I got really scared because the second we looked at each other my guard went down and all of my heart ache had disappeared. We hung out with the 3 guys and the one that I liked his name was George. He kept triyng to show off on his bike for me and was acting really shy I thought it was the cutest thing ever!

By the end of the night when they had to go home and my friend and I were going back to her house to hang she gave all the guys a hug. OMG when she gave George a hug it made me really jealous I don’t even know why I knew the kid for one day. I really wanted to give him a hug and just give him the biggest kiss ever but was way to nervous too. The next week after that I hung with George and one of the other guys again who was George’s best friend Nick. My best friend came along too. I fell in love with George that night, when it was time for him to go home he walked home from the playground that we were at right down the road from his house. I gave him my number to call me so I knew he got home safe, he didn’t have a cell phone at the time. I can remember writing my number on a piece of McDonald’s bag with my eye liner. He called me later on that night and we talked on the phone till 3 in the morning. A couple more times for the next week we hung just him and I and it was amazing we clicked so easily.

I was myself around him which I never was around guys I was always guarded. Then on August 25th 2012 the best night of my life, we were in the back of my car in a parking lot having some snacks and talking. I could tell something was wrong with George so I asked him what was going on and he seemed really nervous. All of a sudden he just blurted out “I have a really important question for you.” My heart started racing really really really fast and I got all nervous. “Will you be my girlfriend, Brittany?” is what he responded with. “No,…… I am just kidding of course I will,” was my response. Ever since that night I have been the happiest girl that I could ever imagine being. As of the end of this month we will have stuck strongly together for 6 months. So see girls there is a special someone out there for everybody you just got to give it time and be patient. And how you will know that they are the one like how I knew he was the one is when he sticks by your side through hell and loves you every moment more and more no matter what kind of mood your in. And when he fights for you when your scared to fall for him and he never gives up fighting. Hope that my love story can inspire some of you.

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