10 questions for your first date

first date questions

First dates are the most exciting ones. Where at one side they give you all the beautiful feelings, the butterflies, the excitement and the thrilling aura, on the other side it is always very confusing when one comes to think of what conversation is going to be there between you and your partner. Should I ask about the hobbies? Or should I ask about the likes and dislikes? Or should I just ask about other interests? There is a long list of questions blasting your mind and you sit in your bedroom like a potato, both thrilled and confused at the same time.
To make it easier for you so that you can get maximum time to enjoy with your lover, here is a list of few very important yet entertaining questions that you can ask your partner and have a fun filled date.

  1. Ask about your partner’s goals and ambitions. People love when they are asked about what they have decided for their life.
  2. Ask about your partner’s favorite activities. They can be either where do their interests lie or simply what they do for recreation. It is always likeable to know what appeals to your partner.
  3. Ask about your partner’s childhood. Going down the memory lane is always pleasing.
  4. Whether or not they have figured out what they will do in their life? Always a good option to hear about people’s mindset!
  5. Whether they have any pets or lucky charms? Always nice to know one additional point to the routine associations.
  6. If they have any nickname and how did it originally associate to them? Who gave it to them? So, you can call them by that name the next time and hence --- more affection and the feeling of familiarity.
  7. Ask about their workplace and the job they do. People like sharing their day to day routine tasks. It might also help you to broaden your knowledge about your partner.
  8. Ask about their friends and routine. People always feel thrilled telling about the people they love. Avoid asking too many personal questions. It is always a little hesitant to share too much of the data just in the first setting, not everyone opens up easily.
  9. Ask about what they do not like being done by others? So, you can avoid that particular gesture/activity in future. (Yes, you are getting the brownie points here).
  10. Lastly, you might ask about their likes and dislikes regarding dating and relationships?

Try these interesting questions to get a window to your partner’s personality in a better way. Happy dating, love birds!