10 Fashion mistake to avoid on your date

fashion mistake

Whether it is the first one or a second attempt, going out for a date always leaves you clueless about what to wear and you end up being confused and dumbfound. The wardrobe with many dresses feels like laughing at you because you can’t decide what to pick. Umm, the black dress or the favorite white one or no, let’s go for a golden. Ugh! Can’t decide and to add more to this annoyance, you are prone to make stupid blunders in your styling.
Here are those fashion mistakes we are warning you about not to repeat the next time.

  1. Don’t overdo it. Avoid wearing everything. Keep it simple, real and natural. Over stuffing with too many accessories won’t aid to your class but rather make you look like a foolish potato.
  2. Ease and comfort are the two most important keys. If you wear something that make you feel uncomfortable, chances are you will be uneasy all the while and hence end up ruining your time. Try to wear the dress that will keep you at comfort. Be it simple jeans with a shirt, if you are happy in it, it will automatically reflect through your personality.
  3. Don’t apply too much make up. I mean a nice base or a blush or just the right shade of lip gloss wouldn’t hurt but don’t turn yourself in an overly done pastry. I mean, that looks too weird. No? It does.
  4. Do not make a bun out of your hair. You can keep the messier look for some other time. Let your hair be stylish and free. Let the float in the air while you talk and walk. Open hair have sex appeal and they look trendy too.
  5. Have few accessories. Sometimes all you need is a simple watch and a nice clutch or a bag and a pair of shades and bam! You are done. That is how easy it is.
  6. Be very careful when you pick your shoes. Maybe your favorite pair of heels might not be the perfect option for this certain date. Avoid wearing something you can’t walk in.
  7. Do not wear any dress in which you need to tuck the tummy in. Come on! You got so many other things to do; you can’t sit with your breath dangling in the middle of nowhere, DUH!
  8. Always put nice nail paint. It is so on point in every situation.
  9. Have good cologne and please smell good. Pick the best scent. Nobody likes bad smelling people.
  10. Do not stress too much and smile more.