Salman khan and Lulia vantur : A love story in process

We all know how unlucky Salman khan has been when it comes to his love life. But salman khan fans have know got something to cheer about. The latest rumours are that salman and his allegedly girlfriend Lulia have got things going quite good.

This is Viral Bollywood videos which says Lulia was spotted at Preity Zinta's wedding reception. Well this may have rose many eyebrows there was more to come.

Things got more evident when Abhishek Bachan got both Salman and Lulia on dance floor. The duo were looking quite good. A tweet below from @salman_universe sums it all!

Well this is not something which has cooked all of a sudden, many people had read the signals quite early. Salman Khan's mom and Lulia Vantur were also spotted earlier together at airport.

This is what salman's friend Zariene Khan had a wish for the duo!

We do not know where this love story will head, but all we want is the much unlucky Salman to be lucky this time in his love life. God bless him and hopefully we see him tying the knot this time with his girl Lulia Vantur!