A Love Story with sad ending : Hrithik Roshan & Sussane

Is Love at First Sight Possible? Yes indeed it is possible for sure. He is the quintessential hunk with looks to die for and she oozes charm. Together they make one of the best looking couples of the country. Yes you guessed it right we are talking about Hrithik Roshan & Sussanne Khan. While Hrithik and Sussanne knew each other since childhood, he fell in love with her at a traffic signal. Yes you heard it right it was love at first sight. Both were driving their respective cars and were stuck in a traffic jam. The minute Hrithik turned to his left to glance at the car next to him, his life changed. Just next to him was the most gorgeous woman he had ever set eyes on. He just saw her waiting at a traffic signal and he knew this is the girl who will be in his life forever at just young age of 12. It is said that the traffic signal scene in Kaho Na Pyaar Hai when the second Hrithik Roshan meets Ameesha Patel for the first time was inspired by Hrithik- Sussanne’s true story. They moved among the same circle of friends while they were growing up in Juhu but Hrithik was shy to confess his feelings. One day, Sussanne was invited as a guest at his sister’s engagement party and Hrithik thought she looked absolutely adorable dressed in traditional attire. He decided at that moment and told his best friend that he will marry her someday.

Kaho Na Pyaar Hai Moment - After few days passed, soon they started dating each other. When they started dating, she was working and earning more than Hrithik. However, there were never any ego tussles between the two. One year of dating passed and Hrithik realised that he could not spend even one moment without Sussanne. Finally the day came, he went on his knees and proposed her on a beach in Mumbai. He proposed to his lady love Sussanne Khan on Valentine’s Day. How romantic he is, Isn’t it? With tears in her eyes, Sussanne accepted his proposal. They were completely madly in love with each other. It was just the starting phase of Hrithik’s career but it didn’t came between these two. It is said that Sussanne had more faith in Hrithik's potential than he ever had, and she in fact played a great role in his success.

Koi Mil Gaya...Sussanne became his girlfriend for 4 years before their marriage. Though Hrithik is a Hindu and Sussanne a Muslim, they neither had a Hindu ceremony nor a nikaah. They had an unusual wedding that was a bit similar to a church wedding. Interesting isn’t it? They got married in a luxury spa in Bangalore where Roshans, Khans and close friends were in attendance. They walked over the bridge of a huge pool, took their vows and signed the register. The most beautiful couple wowed to a life of blissful matrimony. The bride was blushing and the groom proud for he was marrying the love of his life. Both looked so happy and completely in love with each other.

Though this couple may have parted their ways, due their differences, we still love them and cherish the love story they shared!