Priyanka Chopra and Shahrukh Khan : Its Complicated!

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We are all are very happy how Priyanka Chopra is reaching new level of success with her every new venture in Hollywood! But it would be really amazing to know why this talented and established actor of Bollywood had to look for new career in Hollywood. If gossips and believed to be true it is beleived Priyanka Chopra and Shahrukh Khan were having a serious relationship and had married each other!

Yes you read it right! The chain of events happening after this news also adds more affirmation to the rumors.
Ask yourself, what was Priyanka doing in Dubai when Shahrukh was performing there in March 2013? Also, why did Karan Johar ban her from his production house? Why is Gauri Khan, Suzzane Roshan, and other ladies not friends with Priyanka? Why did Priyanka move from India to Los Angeles to start a music career? Is it a coincidence?
No! Remember there is 'No smoke without fire!'

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Now the question come's how can Shahrukh Khan, a already married man marry another woman? Isn't that againts law?
Well under Shari’ah, a Muslim man can take up to four wives, as long as he treats them equally, the details of which are prescribed under the law. So, by Islamic law, SRK can marry again, without having to divorce his wife Gauri. SRK did not intend to abandon his kids or Gauri, but he did seem to want his own life with Priyanka.

At that time in 2013, though not openly spoken but it was a common gossip in B-town, that SRK and Priyanka are in love. The way they behaved with each other seemed to confirm this. At Karan Johar’s 40th birthday in May, guests said that once she entered the party, the room stood still as SRK sprang to his feet to greet her like an eager schoolboy. Priyanka is also said to adore SRK in a way that no one ever has. Clearly, the feeling’s mutual.

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