Murali Vijay, Dinesh Kartik and wife: A Love triangle

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A love triangle is something which can disturb the life's of the people involved in this triangle. You will be amazed to know that some of our favourite cricketers were also involved in love triangle.
Murali Vijay was involved in a affair with Dinesh Karthik's wife. Both Dinesh karthik and Murali Vijay have played for Indian cricket team and have been always appreciated and loved by their fans for their talent's. But very few know that Murali Vijay was the reason for Dinesh Karthik's divorce with his wife.

This tweet by @SirJadeja sum's it all.
Cricketer Murali Vijay and Wicketkeeper Dinesh Karthik had been really good friends for long but the friendship was destroyed by Murali Vijay in 2012 during IPL-5 when Dinesh Karthik came to know about his wife’s affair with Murali Vijay. Dinesh Karthik divorced his wife, Nikita while she was pregnant with a boy and soon after that Murali vijay and Nikita married each other

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Both Murali Vijay & Dinesh Karthik have kept mum on this issue and have kept them self away from this issue. The three involved in this triangle have acted maturely and have moved on in their life rather than acting as a gossip material for media.
Dinesh Karthik later married to Deepika Pallikal and this new couple seems to be quite happy.
Dinesh Karthik's and Deepika Pallikal marriage video.

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